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Health Manager


New St. Paul Head Start

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Full Time

Job Description/ Duties:

Duties Statement: Health (medical/dental) is an integral part of the larger system of services provided by Head Start/Early Head Start. It plays an important part in supporting the goals of the program. This position is responsible for the facilitation of Health Services of the Head Start/Early Head Start program.  The position is responsible for collaborating on the development and implementation of the program, tracking and recordkeeping, community relations and outreach.  The position could involve provision of direct services in the health area only if the individual is licensed, certified or registered as such in the state of service.  This position is responsible for ensuring health procedures are performed only by licensed/certified health professionals with expertise in serving young children and their families.  This position provides content area training and technical supervision to other agency staff and ensures health services are supported by staff/consultants with training and experience in public health, nursing, health education, maternal and child health or health administration.

Required Tasks 

  • Responsible for the following:
    1. Writes, reviews and revises Health Work Plan annually. Develops a system for administering and monitoring the work plan. Monitors compliance with the Head Start/Early Head Start Work Plan, child care licensing guidelines and the Head Start Performance Standards in the applicable content areas and sub-areas.
    2. Establishes policies and procedures for the health portion of the program with parents and staff that support the effective implementation of health services.
    3. Emergency Management System in collaboration with staff person responsible for family and community partnerships.
  • Develops a list of local health and related resources and defines procedures for effective use of these resources. Initiates and establishes working relationships with local providers through contractual agreements as appropriate.
  • Establishes a system for providing health education to families through workshops, parent meetings, handouts, etc.
  • Develops and implements a plan and system of continuous monitoring and evaluation of health activities within the program. Keeps complete records and documentation of all contacts.
  • Develops system for maintenance of individual health records on children in conjunction with family services staff. Ensures that health records are reviewed, evaluated and interpreted.  Maintains vital statistics and other data affecting health services.
  • Takes the lead on the following:
    1. Health Services Advisory Committee: Responsible for the planning, convening and implementation of policies and/or procedures of the semi-annual Health Services Advisory Committee meetings.
    2. Identifies and is Knowledgeable of Health Resources: Establishes relationships and develops a thorough knowledge of health resources for families including Medicaid, state health services and other community resources that assist families in establishing a medical home.
    3. Establishes, Negotiates and Monitors Contracts with Health Service Providers: Establishes contracts with health professionals to provide services to the Head Start/Early Head Start program in such areas as vision referrals, child health screenings/exams, dental services, mental health services and others as necessary.  Contracts may include consultant and/or volunteer services.
    4. Health Education Curriculum: Responsible for developing a developmentally appropriate health education curriculum in conjunction with the staff person responsible for early childhood education services for children and parents that can be integrated into program activities. Oversees Child Safety sections of Performance Standards to include fire drills, first aid kits, and medication administration systems.
    5. Health Training and Employee Health Tracking: Establishes a yearly system of training and health education for staff, to include CPR, First Aid, etc. Documents as required by Performance Standards and childcare licensing.
    6. Safety Committee assistance
  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge of Head Start Performance Standards including specific knowledge of Child Health portion of the Standards.
  • Oversees the screening, re-screening and follow-up for all health services.
  • Responsible for all health recommendations, as necessary. Attends IEP/IFSP meetings as requested.
  • Serves as or arranges for health resource specialist to teachers, home visitors and family service staff.
  • Assists in the development of protocols as necessary to support children and families.
  • Provides resource information to staff and families on an as-needed basis. Assists in providing current information for the Community Resource Guide.
  • Follows the state and federal regulations pertaining to child abuse and neglect, and maintains strict confidentiality of all information.
  • Works closely with disabilities services staff in the assessment process and follow up to assure that the special needs of each child with disabilities are met.
  • Arranges for health services to Head Start/Early Head Start families in cooperation with other agencies/providers. Oversees referral of parents and children to other agencies/providers as needed.
  • Arranges for a health consultant to be available for staff meetings, parent training sessions, etc., as indicated.
  • Develops community resources for provision of services to children with health concerns.
  • Collaborates with early childhood education staff to facilitate the integration of health and inclusion activities in the classroom/homebased curriculum.
  • Works with staff to assist teachers to identify children who show signs of health problems.
  • Provides information and support on providing health curriculum activities for children and families.


Qualifications:  Minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in a health or nutrition field or other closely related field.  Experience working in public health or nutrition arena and working with low-income clients preferred.  Two years’ experience and training in public health, nursing, health education, maternal and child health or health administration preferred. Experience and knowledge of family-strengths/family-centered practice preferred.

Skills Required:  Skill in the operation and maintenance of basic instruments and equipment used in patient care (e.g. items commonly found in a first aid kit). Must be computer literate with skills in the use of basic office software (Microsoft Word). Ability to relate well and maintain effective working relationships with staff, children, parents and other agencies. Ability to exercise professional judgment in evaluating before making decisions and maintain all information in strict confidence.  Able to work effectively in a team environment.

Physical Requirements: Acceptable tuberculosis screening results, a clear criminal records check (including sex offender registry check and State or FBI fingerprint checks), child abuse registry check and an initial health exam are required post job offer and prior to employment, as well as annual clearances.


Health, Vision, Dental, Retirement

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Interested candidates should fax their resumes to the attention of Human Resources at 313.835.0401 or email at